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Turning a corporate narrative into compelling stories

BAE Systems

Turning a corporate narrative into compelling stories

From developing new skills to encouraging innovation, BAE Systems has a clear and coherent corporate narrative. Each of its six central attributes is expressed in the organisation’s lean and concise tone of voice.

Our challenge was to help BAE Systems’ communications team find engaging ways to convey these attributes verbally. Our question was: how can you take attributes off the corporate website and marketing PowerPoint decks – and turn them into a passion and committed story?

We used our tried and tested FOAM technique. That’s Facts, Observations, Anecdotes and Metaphors – and it’s the cornerstone of how we help clients turn their corporate narratives into compelling stories.

During BAE Systems’ communications offsite, we demonstrated why plain old facts aren’t enough to engage a listener. Modern medicine shows us how stories literally wake our brains up, while lists of facts use less grey matter. It’s not that these facts aren’t important. In corporate communications they’re essential – but are likely to be forgotten unless they are framed as part of an engaging story.

With this established, we asked the offsite attendees to focus on BAE Systems’ six central attributes – and to develop memorable ways of expressing them. We encouraged attendees to dig deep into their experience and knowledge of the company in order to bring the attributes to life.

We heard how BAE Systems’ vertical flight technology is ‘like getting an elephant to act as a humming bird’ – and how a 65,000 tonne aircraft carrier has all the complexity of Heathrow Airport combined with a military base.

At the end of the event, the BAE Systems team came away with a new set of tools to engage even more effectively with stakeholders across the globe. And for us, we left with more evidence that it’s when clear facts are combined with compelling stories that corporate communications really succeeds.

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Turning a corporate narrative into compelling stories

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