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Communicating with stakeholders

SABMiller is one of the world’s largest brewers, operating in more than 80 countries.

It provides a highly regarded executive education programme to its senior managers in conjunction with the University of Oxford.

Stakeholder communications is a key module within the programme, and SABMiller approached Bladonmore to design and run an interactive and creative training programme that would both challenge and develop the stakeholder-communications skills of 22 senior managers.

Engaging in real time
Bladonmore created a full-day programme that focused on testing the delegates' decision-making, strategic thinking and communications skills.

They were presented with an unfolding scenario in Alcovia, a fictitious Central European country, which began with the introduction of a major threat to the business to which they had to respond.

We ensured that delegates were stretched to their limits by adding three more challenges as the day unfolded, each one requiring a change in strategy. 

Multichannel storytelling
The story was revealed through various channels, including TV reports, newspaper front pages and Twitter.

The delegates used their own social media feeds to respond to the conversation happening in the outside world, while professional actors were brought in to play stakeholders including government ministers, religious leaders and even anti-alcohol campaigners.

While the delegates were developing their strategies, media trainers conducted mock interviews, from two-minute pre-records for television to longer newspaper interrogations.

All the way through, the teams were supported by Bladonmore’s experienced faculty of coaches, who guided and challenged the teams to create the most appropriate strategy.

A 360° experience
By the end of the day, delegates had received a complete, real-time experience of engaging with a wide range of internal and external stakeholders. 

They understood the value of direct and empathetic engagement with the people who matter, as well as a new appreciation of the variety of channels they can use to deliver their narrative.

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