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Narrative and messaging

We help you articulate the attributes that make you unique. Then we show you how to express those attributes consistently as part of a story that connects you with your clients, investors and employees.


We work with leaders, teams and entire businesses to shape their narratives. This can manifest itself in multiple ways – 140 characters, a paragraph, a page, a presentation or a film – but our strategic focus is to secure the essence of your story.


We then help you turn your narrative into a series of messages that resonate with your different audiences. We show you how to use evidence to make your story stand up and how to use examples to bring it to life.

Storytelling coaching

We show you how to bring your narrative to life in person. We ensure that your authentic self shines through in your delivery, we show you how brevity and clarity will make your story compelling, and we develop your skills and confidence to handle even the most challenging Q&A.

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