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Out of Site, Out of Your Mind?

Corporate offsites are notoriously difficult to get right. Managing Director Matt Guarente explains how to leave delegates happily-ever-after.   THERE’s a terrific advert for United Airlines from a decade ago, which you should immediately look up on YouTube before you go any further. If that’s not... Read more >


Powerpoint - A Dangerous Medicine: Keep Out of Reach of Children

Like all good medicines, PowerPoint can make things better – but only when it's correctly administered   Diageo’s new CMO, James Thompson, took a bold decision after spending the first two months of his tenure sitting through endless presentations where PowerPoint was being administered in liberal doses.... Read more >


Packaging A&O’s Story of Innovation

We’re looking forward to sharing the stage with Allen & Overy at this year’s PSMG Annual Conference   For professional services, the mantra over the past few years has been ‘change or die’. Harnessing innovation and technology to better serve the changing needs of... Read more >


Winning Business through Storytelling

Sandra Davis explains how clear storytelling can improve your pitches and help you win more business   Storytelling and professional services. Not what you would call the most obvious of partners. But unlike some one-hit-wonder business buzzwords, storytelling has stayed the course to become ever more familiar in the corporate... Read more >


Bridging the credibility gap: how private equity firms can tell a better ESG story

It’s time for Private Equity firms to ask some hard questions about their integration of environmental, social and governance factors.   Well done to Bank of America Merrill Lynch for hosting The Crowd’s lively ESG focused event last week. More than 200 sustainability and investment professionals attended... Read more >


Policy advocacy needs narratives

  Few companies are successful at external affairs, according to new McKinsey research. Narrative can help fix this.    CEOs are pretty used to getting what they want. But results from a recent McKinsey survey show that they’re not getting what they want when it comes to... Read more >

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