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Not feeling United

Managing director Matt Guarente on why the US airline’s latest embarrassment is as much about emotion as actions and words   ANY hotelier – from managers of honest B&Bs to Dubai palaces where even the butlers have butlers – will tell you that repeat business is... Read more >


Out of Site, Out of Your Mind?

Corporate offsites are notoriously difficult to get right. Managing Director Matt Guarente explains how to leave delegates happily-ever-after.   THERE’s a terrific advert for United Airlines from a decade ago, which you should immediately look up on YouTube before you go any further. If that’s not... Read more >


Maxims maketh man

In the realm of political slogans, the stakes are high and the pitfalls plentiful. Looking at US Presidential campaigns of past and present, we explain why some lines trump the rest   FAR be it from us to suggest that the wheels are coming off Donald Trump’s attempt... Read more >


Five Tricky Pieces

Matt Guarente, Managing Director of Coaching, suggests that we can divide organisations’ different reactions to corporate crises into five stories, from the dire to the inspired   Next month, in Berlin, I’ve been asked to run a session at Quadriga’s Crisis Communications conference. So I... Read more >


Fully despatched

It’s the weekly set piece of British politics – Prime Minister’s Questions. Today’s, however, was a little different; David Cameron’s last and Jeremy Corbyn’s first since the Labour executive assured him a place on the leadership ballot. As they stood... Read more >


Off the cuff, but on the ball

Matt Guarente, our coaching director, explains how unrehearsed speeches can sometimes be the most effective. Picture the scene. You’re a film industry celebrity, appearing at a press conference to endorse a new product. You get up on stage. The audience is hushed. The cameras are poised. And just... Read more >


Bringing corporate narrative to life with BAE Systems

We helped BAE Systems’ communications function turn their corporate narrative into compelling stories. Here’s how we did it. Early June in bucolic Hampshire. The dining tables are ready and waiting on the terrace, but with rainclouds glowering overhead the catering staff aren’t committing to laying... Read more >

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