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Telling Your Story of Innovation

With technology forcing abrupt change into the normally conservative professional and finance services, communicating innovation is more essential than ever.   There’s a buzzword sweeping our law and financial services clients as quickly as Professor Kelly’s recent BBC interview went viral, and it’s summarised... Read more >


Packaging A&O’s Story of Innovation

We’re looking forward to sharing the stage with Allen & Overy at this year’s PSMG Annual Conference   For professional services, the mantra over the past few years has been ‘change or die’. Harnessing innovation and technology to better serve the changing needs of... Read more >


Maxims maketh man: Part II

Last week we looked at US Presidential slogans over time from the Democrats. Today we turn to the Republican Party to distinguish the Grand from the Old.   From erratic outsider to Republican nominee, Trump may be the most divisive Presidential candidate of all time. In securing the nomination, his... Read more >


Responding to cyber-attacks and ‘hacktivism’

Cyber-attacks are an unfortunate feature of modern business, but effective communication strategies can mitigate damage to brand reputation   Last month’s Panama Papers leak did not only disclose the finances of some of the world’s most influential figures and corporations. It also turned the law firm,... Read more >


A Telling Vision: Vice unveils minimalist branding

In a world of increasingly complex visual identities, Vice’s new TV channel has boldly refused to follow suit   There must be be something in the airwaves. Spring has only just sprung but media publisher Vice’s recent launch of its new TV channel follows two major... Read more >


Anatomy of an interview: BoJo sees the light but fails to walk towards it

Boris Johnson is inflexible and underprepared for the opportunities presented by crucial ‘Brexit’ interview   From the moment Boris Johnson threw his support behind the campaign to leave the European Union, the media has been obsessed by the schism between himself and the Prime Minister. Just as divided... Read more >

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