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Packaging A&O’s Story of Innovation

We’re looking forward to sharing the stage with Allen & Overy at this year’s PSMG Annual Conference


For professional services, the mantra over the past few years has been ‘change or die’. Harnessing innovation and technology to better serve the changing needs of clients remains a hot subject in the corridors of these firms.

This year, PSMG, the hub for professional services marketing, is making innovation the theme of its 21st Annual Conference.

As four-times winner of the FT’s ‘Most innovative law firm in Europe’ award, Allen & Overy has been invited to share its story. This will focus on how the firm developed a range of new resourcing and technology solutions to deliver unrivalled expertise.

Bladonmore was delighted to partner with Allen & Overy on developing the new overarching narrative and messaging for the firm’s new bundle of services. Branded Advanced Delivery, the narrative now ties together the firm’s range of non-traditional services in a way that is easily understood for fee-earners and clients.

The end result is being highlighted at the conference for its originality in a crowded marketplace, where firms and other competing providers are developing their own propositions at ever increasing rates.

A joint session with Bladonmore and Allen & Overy will cover how we turned fresh ideas into a winning market proposition, created a distinct identity and supported the firm to inspire internal momentum about the project.

After outlining how we created and define the narrative and messaging of Advanced Delivery, we will lead an interactive exercise where delegates have to chance to shape their own messaging.  

To hear first-hand, come along to the workshop at PSMG’s Annual conference. Visit their website here

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