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How does a private equity firm communicate the value of investing in distressed and underperforming businesses? We help the special situations investor tell powerful stories on film and in person about unlocking business potential

Alchemy Partners is well-known in the private equity space as an investor in special situations funds. More often than not, these are great businesses constrained by massive burdens of historic debt. Alchemy has been unlocking the potential of such business across a range of sectors in which it specialises for twenty years.
Since the launch of Alchemy’s third special opportunities fund in 2014, Bladonmore has been producing films that tell the stories of how Alchemy sources these investment opportunities and the tactics and techniques the firm employs to reboot the fortunes of companies and help them to realise their true value.
These narrative-driven films feature contributions from the partners and investment teams at Alchemy, the management teams they work with and a range of specialist advisors, whose involvement brings a fascinating third-party perspective to the films. They are presented to an audience of investors at Alchemy’s AGMs and cover either single investments or explore investment themes across a specific sector or geography.
Bladonmore also provides presentation coaching support to Alchemy Partners and the CEOs of its portfolio companies who present at its AGMs. We support partners in an advisory capacity during the planning phases of the event and deliver intensive one-on-one sessions to help the group to refine and perfect its performance.
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