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How does a leading private equity investor demonstrate its expertise in a little-known market? We produced a series of films that explore the opportunities and challenges of investing in Russia

Baring Vostok Capital Partners is the leading private equity investor in businesses across Russia and the Commonwealth of Independent States. For more than twenty years, Baring Vostok has backed growing businesses in Russia, especially in the financial services, healthcare and Technology, Media and Telecom (TMT) sectors.
Bladonmore has been working with investor relations colleagues at Baring Vostok for more than seven years. We have created and amassed a bank of film content showcasing the firm’s significant track record in backing entrepreneurs and management teams to build world-class businesses.
These films are shot partly or entirely in Russian, depending on the preference of contributors, and we produce versions for European and North American investors with English translation.
In addition to portfolio case studies, we have produced a number of longer, thematic films for Baring Vostok’s AGMs. These explore themes including operational matters common to all portfolio companies, such as sourcing and retaining the best talent in Russia, or investment strategies for key sectors such as TMT.
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