Bringing smarter banking to Bahrain

Bank ABC planned to disrupt and modernise retail banking in the region with the launch of ila, a new mobile-only, digital bank – the first of its kind in Bahrain. It formed part of its wider strategy to become the leading international bank in the MENA region. ila represented a new way of banking for its customers, but also the wider possibilities of digital transformation within the Gulf. Our brief was to support the launch, connecting initial customers with the retail offer and positioning the Group as a leader of digital transformation across the region.


Over a six-week period, we provided on-the-ground support at Bank ABC’s head office to prepare for the launch. This started with developing two messaging documents: the first targeted potential customers, positioning ila as a financial partner that understood their needs; while the second spoke to investors, government officials and the media, highlighting how the bank was delivering on its strategy and promoting digital transformation. Over the following weeks, we worked directly with the bank’s communications team and senior leadership, crafting copy and creating content that reflected this messaging for a number of touchpoints, including:

  • Keynote presentations and speeches for the GCEO, DGCEO and Chairman;
  • Brand collateral (e.g. website, email and SMS messaging, event materials);
  • Internal channels;
  • Social media; and
  • Media engagement plan.


ila was successfully launched in Bahrain – its first target market – in November 2019. The event generated significant media coverage and has helped to position Bank ABC at the forefront of digital transformation in the region.

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