Crafting a clear narrative to attract investors

Quintana Infrastructure & Development is an investment holding company based in Houston, Texas. It wanted to raise a new fund but recognised that it needed some help to structure and write its narrative. The fund is focused on nimble investments in infrastructure and development projects, recognising that this is a significant growth opportunity that is often underfunded in the US environment.


We spent several full-day sessions with the senior management team, drawing out their story and creating structures that would enable them to tell their story clearly and with the passion it deserved. The sessions gave us the material we needed to create four pillars aligned with their key market streams that summarised their approach to investment. We used this background to create a detailed investor deck, design and build a new website and, perhaps most crucially, guide the management team through presentation of the deck. The website also contained a password-protected area to hold sensitive documents and videos that they needed to share with certain investors.


Quintana was able to take its story out to investors with renewed confidence – raising the funds it needs for its next set of investments. The deck and messaging was supported with a high quality website for when audiences needed more in-depth information about the Quintana story.

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