Helping a multinational defence contractor speak with one voice

BAE Systems is a complex business spanning air, sea and land defence to government and commercial cyber security. Since 2010, our role has been to help this hugely diversified firm speak to its equally diverse audience in a way that engages them and manages international media attention.


We help BAE Systems’ people at all levels communicate well when it matters most: from speaking to journalists, to communicating major milestones (e.g. the naming ceremony for HMS Queen Elizabeth, the largest aircraft carrier in Royal Navy history) to presenting results to investors.

Over the years we have conducted over 40 training sessions and corporate off-sites in Europe, Asia and the Gulf. We are regularly called in at key times to help move the story forward or advise behind the scenes.


Our work has helped BAE Systems to present its business so that customers, investors and media have a better understanding of its importance to communities, countries, and the development of technology. Sometimes complex and challenging, the BAE story is better told by people who have confidence in their ability to inform and inspire.

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