Helping Airbus design a virtual press conference

Airbus Group's portfolio spans fighter jets, space launchers and the world's most recognisable commercial aircraft - the A380 Superjumbo. Its Annual Press Conference showcasing the year's performance has historically meant transporting hundreds of journalists to a European event, which meant many global outlets were no able to attend. For 2017, the company decided to trial a digital conference, available to journalists worldwide.


Airbus Group was able to successfully interact with journalists in locations as remote as Los Angeles and South Korea, and received far higher levels of engagement than in previous years. The APC event page received record numbers of views and high levels of positive feedback from participants, as as a 30% reduction in budget.


We helped the Comms team develop a plan for the format of the Conference, advising that to be engaging, and to deliver the right outcomes, the executives would need to deliver a plausible and convincing ‘panel show’. We coached the host, the CEO, COO and CFO to manage the difficult studio conditions and the absence of an audience through one-on-one coaching sessions and intensive rehearsals.

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