Preparing a satellite provider for relaunch

ALL.SPACE has created the world’s first ground-based satellite terminal, capable of linking to multiple networks. It needed to relaunch – including a name-change – as it built up to its first product launch.


Bladonmore helped what was ‘Isotropic Systems’ build up to its relaunch by defining its brand positioning and purpose. We ran a range of stakeholder interviews, research and workshops and then created a strategic framework for the brand. This included a renaming and IP-checking exercise. We then supported the new name with a revised visual identity and a range of materials, including a website, for ALL.SPACE.



ALL.SPACE launched its new name, visual identity and website at the end of July 2022, setting itself apart from their competitors by focusing on the end user with its taglines and materials: Making the difference in the moments that matter.

An internal Town Hall in early August was the perfect time to reveal the new name – allowing the opportunity to showcase a series of launch films and presentations, all of which were created by Bladonmore.

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