Rebranding a leading global infrastructure investor

Stonepeak is a leading private equity firm specialising in infrastructure and real assets across the Americas, Europe and South-East Asia. It realised that its US-focused brand and website no longer worked for its global investment story.


Bladonmore worked with the group’s leadership team to draw out the wider story and then design a brand and website to reflect that thinking. We interviewed a range of people across the Group to understand where Stonepeak had come from – and, more importantly, where it is planning to build for the future.

We then used this knowledge to create a narrative and tone of voice structure that determined the brand going forward – including recommending a mini-name change to make the Group. Outputs included a new brand guide, visual identity elements and everyday templates that the Group could work with on an ongoing basis. We then used the visual and textual guides to develop a new website – including making a range of films and writing content to populate the site.


The new brand and site gives a much more contemporary and international story. The brand is based on Stonepeak’s ‘thoughtful’ approach to doing business. The new website provides detail of global thinking alongside the North American background in an easy-to-navigate setting.

The leadership team are delighted with the outcome with the new materials allowing Stonepeak to reflect its wider international story more accurately while still acknowledging its US roots.

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