Reconnecting the public with over £15 billion in lost accounts

My Lost Account helps reconnect UK consumers with over £15 billion of unclaimed assets in the form of lost accounts. Our remit was to devise a user-focused, secure, digital platform to connect with over 30 banks, all 43 UK building societies and the full range of National Savings & Investments products.


Our work included the following project streams:

  • Worked with UK Finance, the Building Societies Association and NS&I to develop, a new branded website enabling consumers to submit claims for lost accounts
  • Created a series of prototypes for how the service and communications between systems would work
  • Developed a bespoke backend solution, allowing banks and building societies to access their respective claimant applications and update their records
  • Created metrics, including a report module showing each institution the number of applications submitted and the outcome


  • User-friendly platform to trace lost accounts across all major bank, building society and savings & investment products in the UK
  • Coverage in several national newspapers and on
  • Over 90,000 claimant applications and over £10 million in estimated returned funds to date

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