Sharing a new strategic vision

UniCredit is a major pan-European bank headquartered in Italy. It hired a new chief executive, Andrea Orcel, in early 2021 and by December that year he was ready to share a new strategic vision for the Group. The aim was to tell the ‘UniCredit Unlocked’ story to investors and other stakeholders in a Capital Markets Day.


Bladonmore was hired to help prepare Orcel and seven members of his Group Executive Committee for the Capital Markets Day and associated media calls. We worked with each of the management team in turn – prepping them for likely questions on the day and thinking of ways in which the story might be questioned.

Each of the team was given time in front of a camera rehearsing their answers and being critiqued on the flow of the story or how they were tackling the questions. We also worked with the head of investor relations, helping her prepare to act as Master of Ceremonies on the day.

We also worked with Orcel, preparing him for his presentation and fielding questions from journalists and investors.


This was a significant change of tack for UniCredit and the messaging was very well received by the market – the share price rose by over 10% in the immediate aftermath of the presentation. Over 6,000 attendees signed up for the Capital Markets Day – from investors to regulators to politicians and unions. The UniCredit Unlocked story was presented professionally and succinctly and the narrative continues to drive the investment story several months on.

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