Simplifying a complex data business

Refinitiv is a global provider of financial market data, spun out of media and information group Thomson Reuters. It became a standalone business in 2018 with over 18,000 employees and $6bn annual turnover. During its first year of operation, the management team ran a range of programmes to help employees feel part of a dynamic new operation, rather than merely separated from the old parent company.


As it approached its first birthday, Refinitiv turned to Bladonmore to help it explain the business more effectively and cogently. Refinitiv wanted to run a global employee event that would act as a celebration while also educating and updating employees on its offers.

We produced a series of four animated films about each business, told through the eyes of an individual customer to simplify the story. The four films covered Investment & Advisory; Risk; Trading; and Wealth Management.


All films were incredibly well received at the global employee event and have since been used widely across the business to help explain its operations and strategy. Each film is now played to new employees as part of the global on-boarding scheme, bringing new life to what was previously a difficult, presentation-based system.

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