Structuring a D&I story

LSEG is a global financial markets infrastructure and data group with significant operations in over 70 countries. The business recognises that Diversity and Inclusion (D&I) is critical to its success – both in terms of its ability to deliver on its strategy, and social responsibility. With a wide range of messages targeting different audience groups, LSEG engaged Bladonmore to help simplify and structure its D&I narrative.  


We interviewed a number of key stakeholders across the business to better understand the different needs, perspectives and concerns of each of LSEG’s audiences. There were three key considerations for the final output: clarity, simplicity and flexibility (i.e. the messages would need to be easily adapted for different formats). To achieve this, we developed a messaging framework that was structured into four sections: Purpose (why D&I matters to LSEG), Vision (LSEG’s ambition for D&I), Strategy (What LSEG is doing to create a diverse and inclusive business), and Culture (the key to success).



The framework has become a key comms tool for LSEG and has provided a basis for its D&I messaging across a range of different content types. We have also been supporting the business with its wider talent communications.

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