Supporting a global asset manager on asset allocation trends

Invesco is a global top 25 asset manager with over a trillion dollars of assets under management. The business publishes a series of influential reports about the investment activity of sovereigns and factor investing strategies. It uses these to highlight its thinking and insight around key trends in asset allocation.


Bladonmore’s coaching team has prepared spokespeople for media engagement pegged to the publication of Invesco’s research reports for six years.

This has involved significant preparation to get to grips with complicated material, and then to identify relevant news lines for a wide range of reporters based on location and sophistication.


Invesco’s spokespeople have enjoyed defending and explaining the nuances of their research and defining the most salient points to highlight to specific audiences. The coaching has given them confidence to advocate for Invesco’s thinking and the skills to communicate any messaging that the business develops, supporting ongoing media engagement.

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