Supporting a new focus on sustainability

Arq is a technology company that transforms mining waste into advanced carbons and speciality chemical products that can be used to support the world’s transition towards a sustainable future. To date, much of Arq’s story has focused on demonstrating the validity of its technology, the construction of its first production plant and the economic opportunity within the energy market. However, to better reflect its R&D programme, Arq wanted to reposition its brand, highlighting the ‘future-fit’ applications of its products and its new environmentally-focused purpose.


Bladonmore worked closely with Arq in an advisory role as it began the process of redefining its story and developing its visual identity. With these foundations in place, it was then over to us to bring this all to life across its communications touchpoints. Our work involved:

  • Refreshing its corporate website, updating the design and imagery to reflect its new environmental focus, revising the site structure to showcase its products and rewriting the copy to reflect the new story;
  • Restructuring its investor deck and advising on how to position the new messaging with investors;
  • Creating an investor brochure that introduced the investment opportunity;
  • Defining clear brand guidelines to ensure the new visual styling is used correctly and consistently across all materials.


We continue to support Arq as a longstanding brand and communications partner as the business evolves. Over the years, Bladonmore’s support has been critical in helping the business to raise capital, engage with investors and market the business to prospective partners and government institutions.

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