Transformational food systems, made simple

Upfield is the world’s largest plant-based food company. It owns brands like Flora, Violife and Rama. Following a PE acquisition it had been focused on transformation whilst its story was left untold.


Sustainability is at the heart of Upfield’s business, and a key driver of growth, so establishing this as part of their corporate story is critical. We spent time with the ESG leadership team and Heads of Corp Comms, IR and Strategy to define its transformation story and messaging, all with sustainability at its heart.

Upfield’s 2021 Sustainability report was the first full telling of its story. We designed and produced it to be exciting punchy, energetic and crucially memorable, and so establish Upfield firmly in investor’s minds.

In 2022, we designed the integrated financial and ESG report, along with GRI and TCFD reports, to drive the commercial opportunity into Upfield’s story for stakeholders.

We give ongoing support on internal communications and senior spokespeople training to keep the story clear and consistent.


Investors, analysts and private equity owners have praised the reports as presenting an exciting, robust story of Upfield’s progress and future potential.

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