Future Leaders

Bladonmore’s Future Leaders
Communications Coaching equips
participants with core skills

As their careers progress, graduates and young executives will start to represent your organisation: attending external meetings; speaking in public; pitching; selling; networking; communicating effectively in written materials; preparing information for their managers or team. Bladonmore’s experience of working with senior teams is invaluable as we help young talent be more persuasive, appropriate, considered, and consistent with an organisation’s values and purpose.

As part of a broader L&D programme in talent development, communications coaching has a significant role to play.

Our courses provide specifically tailored content which will include:

• A safe and supportive environment in which to experiment and take risks
• Constructive stress-testing of both message and delivery
• Support in handling complex real-life scenarios or challenges
• Constructive verbal and written feedback
• Practical experience interwoven with theory
• Supporting material to use and reference going forward

Example session topics:

• Presentation skills
• Managing challenging, hostile or complex Q&As
• Messaging/narrative preparation with an emphasis on storytelling
• Managing comms upwards: Better support for senior colleagues
• Written communication skills
• Having effective commercial conversations

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