Putting the motion in emotion

Tom Brown explores why animation can be the best way to bring human stories to life.

Animation is a great communications tool for any business. It can help simplify complex processes, lift the lid on technical tools or systems and transport you to a different time, space or place – all without breaking the budget.

It can also be one of the best ways to create a close, emotive connection between you and your audience.

Content creators are always emphasising the importance of human stories and how the best establish an emotive link with the people they want to reach. That’s true, but human storytelling doesn’t necessarily have to be… well, human.

Our first thought is often to focus on people – real people with real stories. That’s great, but many of these moments are hard to capture – particularly on film. Efforts to recreate them regularly end up feeling hackneyed or lack the authenticity that made them special in the first place. This kind of content can easily end up rolling eyes rather than sparking a smile.

In such situations, animated characters can often better – or more clearly – represent the traits that you want to convey to an audience.

But as well as expressing personality and feeling through the story, animation can also be used to showcase your own brand. Every movement or splash of colour that helps paint a picture in the mind of your audience is also a subtle way of emphasising the characteristics of your company identity.

A year like no other…

At the end of last year, all of us at Bladonmore could agree that 2020 had been a strange one, with its ups, downs, perks and quirks. As we looked back over the previous 12 months, animation felt like the perfect way to share some of our own personal stories and bring them to life…


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Tom Brown

Senior Consultant

Tom produces a variety of strategic content, built around clear narrative and messaging.

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