Seasonal brand butter

How to make sure your company’s festive message gets opened, not deleted.

‘Twas the season for giving and good cheer, and in keeping with these festive traditions, Bladonmore created a short seasonal message in December to share with our clients, partners and suppliers – and made a donation to a local charity, Centrepoint, which helps homeless young people in London.

Our story this year centred around a communications dilemma, a timely reminder of the importance of truly understanding your brand identity and the impact of visual content.

Herald of joy

Our spritely, feathered hero is the robin – a winter-loving, red-breasted embodiment of festive spirit. The robin’s association with this time of year dates back to the Victorian era. Widely recognised by their bright red coats, postmen were known as ‘robins’, delivering seasonal messages and cards from friends and family. Images of their winged namesakes were painted onto many of these cards; a metaphoric depiction of the exchange of messages. The idea was so successful that the robin became a symbol of these festivities in its own right.

Both rhyme and reason

The story is in the form of a short poem – eight rhyming couplets that steer the tale from problem to resolution. Similar to the robin, poetry has a close association with festive messaging – the outgoing poet laureate, Carol Ann Duffy, famed for her seasonal work. With a focus on creating a concise yet emotive narrative, poetry helps to connect with audiences in both an impassioned and structured way.

Unassuming animation

The understated, story-book illustrations that frame the narrative create a soft and enchanting winter atmosphere. Drawing a parallel with the way in which the robin is finally able to communicate his message, the use of visual content adds a further dimension to the story. While intended as a whimsical Season’s Greeting, the key themes within the narrative directly relate to the way in which we communicate brand and corporate messages. Understanding a brand’s identity is paramount, in order to effectively convey its story and recognise the best medium through which to channel the message.

When next reflecting on your brand’s communications strategy, think of the Bladonmore robin – what is it about your corporate identity that differentiates you from the competition, and what is the most effective way to express this?

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Tom Brown

Senior Consultant

Tom produces a variety of strategic content, built around clear narrative and messaging.

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