We strengthen your ESG story and support
businesses to ‘build back better’.

High-level promises and data-heavy reports no longer cut it with an audience that has become savvier and increasingly sceptical of corporate claims.

We help you to communicate with confidence around ESG issues and highlight your performance in a more meaningful way.

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How can we help?

Narrative positioning

Highlighting how ESG is connected to your strategic goals and advising on the way you report on your progress.

We work with clients to structure your ESG communications – often in tandem with an external benchmarking tool, such as GRI or SASB – and ensure that you are hitting the right notes with key ESG audiences.

Case studies:

Out of this world: bringing spacetech to life

Evidencing impact

Bringing ESG to life through content that highlights the impact of your initiatives in real terms and adds depth to the messaging.

Clients turn to us to help their ESG stories shine. We use film, audio, animation, design and digital formats to put stories in context, explaining the impact to your audiences.

Case studies:

Creating films and podcasts for a global multi-asset investor

Leadership support

Helping you respond to the increasing pressures to act faster or ‘do more’ in driving your ESG agenda, maintaining a dialogue with stakeholders and demonstrating proactive leadership.

As interest in ESG grows, we ensure that leaders are able to deliver a confident rendition of their ESG credentials – either for live events, media interactions or recorded presentations and interviews.

Case studies:

Moderating a large-scale live broadcast for a global banking group

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