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Our work covers a range of specialist areas

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Investor communications

We help companies to effectively engage with investors and analysts. We support some of the world’s largest listed entities via capital markets days, results presentations, reporting and message structure; on other occasions, we may be advising a portfolio company on how best to present its exit story.

Employee engagement

We are experts at ensuring that corporate and professional messages get through to employees – engaging and inspiring them in the process. Our offer includes talent acquisition, onboarding, career ladders, ongoing communications and change management.

Employee engagement

Regulatory affairs

We support clients in preparing for interactions with regulators – from providing clear materials to drive a message home, through to the training of leadership teams ahead of facing a Select Committee.


Maintaining a license to operate is all about gaining support for your corporate stories. We shape considered narratives to present your business positively in changing environments, creating visual materials that support your wider messaging.


Brand communications

We help clients frame and determine the best way to talk about themselves. This is much more than just a logo – although we can do that, too. It is about tone of voice, reputation management and visual language.


We bring all of our expertise together to devise campaigns for clients across a range of areas – from brand awareness to cyber security to road safety. Our campaigns involve messaging, coaching and delivering materials across channels – design, film and digital – to inspire and move audiences towards a defined goal.


Our process


How are you perceived? How do you wish to be perceived? What is the true value you bring?


Who are you? What is your story? Why should anybody be interested?


How do we tell your story visually and verbally? How do we make it compelling and consistent?


What are the most active and effective ways to get your story out? How will you know if your story matters?

Let’s talk about your story

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