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We’re an award-winning consultancy,
at home in London, New York, LA and Dubai.

We’re privileged to count a number of the world’s leading organisations as our clients and take pride in the trust they place in us. Our work is complex and challenging – but always rewarding.

Founded in 2002, we’re as upbeat and excited about our future as we were the day we first started.

Day in the life of a Consultant

“Our role is all about trust. Each project is an insight into our client’s world and an invitation to become part of the inner circle.

You’re given open access to the control room that’s managing international operations and setting the strategic direction, where our advice helps to channel the right messaging to audiences across the globe.

In short, it’s our job to act as a fresh thinking, creative confidant, offering a new take on any corporate comms brain scrambler.

This means immersing yourself in your client’s operations – but remaining objective. It’s about asking the right questions, understanding different perspectives and analysing detailed information to help form your recommendations. You could be shaping the structure of a private equity pitch book or highlighting the impact of an energy company’s sustainability strategy – the skills stay the same.

Each day is fast-paced and collaborative, working closely with our coaches and creatives. It’s a job that encourages you to explore a different way of doing things – until it comes to making the tea, of course!”

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Day in the life of a HR manager

“We want our people to experience the best of what Bladonmore has to offer – and it’s my responsibility to make that happen.

From hiring and on-boarding to supporting your long-term career aspirations, my day-to-day is focused on developing the most important part of our business.

I look after the structures and processes that set out clear career paths for all our hires and make sure our teams have the support they need to do what they do best.

HR acts as both a partner to promote our offer areas and a glue to connect them together. One moment I’ll be mapping out a L&D programme for the coming months, the next, working with managers to help prepare for performance reviews.

For now, time to start channelling my efforts into another critical part of our work – planning the next All Staff Social…”

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No agencies please, unless previously commissioned for a specific role.

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