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Tom Brown takes a look at the key themes that came out of Bladonmore’s webinar on Capital Markets Days and explores our panel’s thoughts on how to maximise the impact of your event.

Capital Markets Days are on the up. Over the last few years, the introduction of MiFID II, changing investor profiles and sell-side trends have meant that more organisations in Europe are actively engaging with the financial community – outside of their traditional corporate calendar. These events are continuing to grow, with businesses keen to share strategic updates directly with investors about their post-pandemic future.

So, how do you make the most of your Capital Markets Day? Bladonmore’s latest webinar had the answers.

On the panel:

Leandro Mazzoni, Head of Investor Relations, Philips

Jim Rutherford, Non-Executive Chairman, Centamin plc

Jessica Mitchell, IR Advisor and former Group Head of Investor Relations at ABB and BP

Richard Carpenter, Managing Partner, Bladonmore – Moderator

Capital Markets Days aren’t an everyday occurrence – nor should they be. In contrast to more frequent forms of financial communication, they tend to work around a 12-18 month cycle – so it’s important you make them count. That means getting into gear a good two to three months beforehand, setting out the purpose of your event and being clear on your messaging.

Engaging with the Board at an early stage is a must. Alongside the senior leadership, these are the people responsible for setting the strategic direction, so they need to be aligned to your story. Planning also means finding time for practice. As it gets closer to the event, perfecting the running order and rehearsing Q&As will all pay dividends.


Considered content

The content you create will have a significant impact on the success of your event. When it comes to presentation materials, the common mistake is to flood slides with ‘information’ instead of messaging. This overload only confuses things and can loosen your control on the narrative. Stick to simple, punchy messages.

It’s also a chance to get creative with your content. Technology is increasingly becoming a key feature of Capital Markets Days presentations and audiences are expecting a more interactive experience – presentations interspersed with films, interviews, panel discussions and more. Treat it like a TV show production was the advice. For presenters, scripts and tight running orders are a smart idea and can help calm any nerves on the day. Having this safety net will also help steer away from any default soundbites that can slip out under pressure.


Maintain momentum

Capital Markets Days take a lot of work, so make sure you capitalise on the benefits for as long as you can. Don’t let your content go to waste; it can easily be repurposed on your corporate site.

Similarly, the final presentation of the day shouldn’t bring the curtain down on all investor communications for the coming weeks – think about the follow up. This means manging how you court the media and other stakeholders to maximise coverage and impact of the event, as well as capturing the feedback on your messaging. This can be quickfire commentary or a more sizeable perception study; either way, the key is to ensure any feedback is independent and credible – not self-serving.


If you are interested in our future webinars or would like to talk about how we can help your organisation with Capital Markets Days, please get in touch.

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