Putting it all together

Thinking of running a successful Investor Day? There are a lot of things you need to think about in advance.

Bladonmore provides an end-to-end service to help listed companies and private equity groups keep in touch with investors and LPs via Capital Markets Days and Investor Days.

Our service offer covers both live and virtual events – plus those requiring a hybrid audience:

  • Consultancy & narrative – we work with clients on core concepts, messaging, deck coordination, script support and audience feedback.
  • Communications coaching – our team identifies coaching needs from the main presenters, plans sessions to bring them up to speed, runs rehearsals for sessions and the Q&A, and then debriefs post-event.
  • Creative content – we help lots of clients with a plan for the overall event, including running orders and timings, create materials from films to backdrops, run any broadcast needs, and re-purpose existing content.
  • Event production – we can run the whole show for you if needed, including event planning, live production and on-demand follow-up.
  • Event legacy – in many cases the post-event audience could be larger than that at the live event. We specialise in optimising and adapting content for post-event access and ensuring that you get the most bang for your buck on the material created.

Today’s best Capital Markets and Investor Days are complicated events that require a significant amount of planning and experience in execution. They also require expert knowledge and time to rehearse. We advise our clients to treat it like a TV show – even if it’s a live event as that ensures you keep the audience engaged and interested in the content.

Whatever you do, don’t think that three hours of one speaker delivering monotone commentary from a podium backed up by endless PowerPoint will suffice. The financial community have become very used to high-quality messaging and content being delivered professionally – and they will read a lot into the quality of your management team accordingly.

If you’d like more information on how Bladonmore can help you and your executive team deliver great messages via a great Investor Day then please, get in touch.


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Richard Carpenter

Chief Executive Officer

Richard is responsible for driving Bladonmore’s strategy and the running of our global business.

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