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Fully despatched

It’s the weekly set piece of British politics – Prime Minister’s Questions. Today’s, however, was a little different; David...

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Off the cuff, but on the ball

Matt Guarente, our coaching director, explains how unrehearsed speeches can sometimes be the most effective. Picture the scene. You’re a film industry celebrity,...

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happy to have @Bladonmore on board for our #crisisconference. Save the date: September 12th and 13th, #Berlin…


Looking forward to talking @QConferences #crisisconference in September about the power of a strong narrative #crisiscommunication


Just stopping off for a spot of lunch with the @landg_group team. Back in the saddle soon.


On a rare sunny(ish) day in London, what could be better than a bike ride with the @landg_group team?

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