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In the kill zone, locked and loaded: how they talk business in Hollywood movies, from @VirginUnite bit.ly/10a7Wmc


The rise of the emerging markets – a game changer for #finance? Read why here bit.ly/1zIS4r7


From virtual reality to mobile, redefining storytelling for an always-on digital world, from @bkanarick @WIRED wrd.cm/1074YPD


What SSE’s orangutan can teach us about joined-up communications

Energy companies often have a hard time connecting with their audiences, and the past few years have seen them embrace ever more ‘cuddly’...

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What can @SSE's orangutan teach us about the importance of joined-up comms? bit.ly/1q3Ff1j pic.twitter.com/Eo0SBh4m52


@VeroMistiaen Hi Veronique, it's 5 Ways to Thrive in a Digital World, written by our Group Editor @EilaMadden

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