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Out of Site, Out of Your Mind?

Corporate offsites are notoriously difficult to get right. Managing Director Matt Guarente explains how to leave delegates happily-ever-after.   THERE’s a terrific advert...

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Powerpoint - A Dangerous Medicine: Keep Out of Reach of Children

Like all good medicines, PowerPoint can make things better – but only when it's correctly administered   Diageo’s new CMO, James Thompson,...

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Packaging A&O’s Story of Innovation

We’re looking forward to sharing the stage with Allen & Overy at this year’s PSMG Annual Conference   For professional services,...

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Do corporate off-sites make you want to hide in the stationery cupboard? Here's a guide to getting them right


Boredom, drowsiness, amnesia... How can we avoid the side-effects from a heavy dose of Powerpoint?

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