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Butt of the joke: why being laughed at is no bad thing for brands

In August, The Guardian published an article on the ‘peak peak’ phenomenon. First, there was peak oil. Then came peak beard. Soon, everything...

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Redefining your #retirement begins with a little storytelling: here's how to build a better narrative #NS4RW bit.ly/1teFDji


Quit joking: the rise of the Apple parody video, and why Apple are the ones really laughing bit.ly/1tfCLTr pic.twitter.com/MefAzgMSaU


CIO Jeremy Coller discusses the latest issue of Findings at #bvcasummit bit.ly/1rrbM0L bit.ly/1uJ0FSM pic.twitter.com/0HBHdkayAP


RT @EilaMadden: Good piece on HSJi in Oct/Nov issue of #NUJ mag; called 'A healthy intelligence?' bit.ly/1bM4nRk


It's time for CEOs to write for themselves - or a hire a decent writer, says @Skapinker in @FT on.ft.com/1wof2y5

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