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Staying on board

Tom Brown, Consultant at Bladonmore, looks at new rules coming into effect this US proxy season and the implications for board members looking to keep their seats. 

What if I don’t have any EQ?

Emotional intelligence boosts performance. It’s seen as a core business skill. But Georgie Russell, Associate Director at Bladonmore, wants to know, can it be learned?  

Creating boundaries

Most of us broadly know what a designer does. They design. If you want to take that a step further – they interrogate a brief creatively, come up with design concepts, and provide some basic rules by which that design can be interpreted in a range of settings.

Class action communications: are you ready?

New data highlights a growing tide of class action litigation in the UK. Whichever side of a class action you’re on, effective communication is vital to get audiences on side.

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