Changing attitudes on gender in the racing industry

Women in Racing (WiR) is an industry-wide campaign group to further the interests of women in horse racing. Bladonmore was asked by WiR to help it grain traction around a report on working mothers in the horse racing industry. Entitled ‘Racing Home’, the report was a year-long project by WiR in tandem with Oxford Brookes University and Simply Racing. It focuses on ways in which the racing industry struggles with supporting women managing childcare and parental leave.


We worked with the WiR team to bring the issues in the report to life, encouraging the use of real examples and specific situations. The aim of our approach was to help the senior WiR team focus their narrative on real solutions to the problems – what can be done, today. We also prepared two spokespeople for live discussions of the issues on various racing channels and media.


The WiR leadership team was very pleased with the outcome of the live TV appearances, in particular. Coverage of the report increased awareness of the issues across the industry. It also helped employers embrace the behavioural changes required to make a real difference.

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