Developing an industry-leading publication to connect with the private equity community

Private equity firm Coller Capital has long supported academic research into its industry. But the firm needed a way to communicate these insights – and the practical value of its research – to fund managers and institutional investors.


We have been creating a biannual print publication since 2016, Private Equity Findings, to showcase the best of academic research in a practitioner-friendly way.

  • Reports on emerging trends and policy issues within the private equity sphere
  • Editorial board comprises representatives from academic and practitioner communities
  • Published with support from Bella Research Group, an advisory firm led by Dr. Josh Lerner of Harvard Business School


Private Equity Findings remains a powerful and relevant tool for Coller Capital to distribute among its key audiences.

  • Selected content syndicated to a number of international publications
  • Over 500,000 readers worldwide
  • Private Equity Findings is now also published online to meet demand from its growing readership
  • View the latest publication here: Private Equity Findings Issue 17

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