Ensuring an international bank is seen and heard

Citi is, by some measures, the world's most international bank. Operating across 160 countries and serving 200 million customers, it is the main dollar clearing bank in a host of markets, meaning that it is crucial to the functioning of governments, national economies, and the work of large corporates.


Since 2013, Bladonmore has supported spokespeople in defining and delivering market-specific narratives. This includes explaining the value-add of service centres in eastern Europe, the M&A push in London, and support for debt market operations for African governments. We provide coaching and moderate Citi’s EMEA Media Summit, enabling hundreds of reporters to access senior leaders including CEO Jane Fraser.


Citi has an established resource to enable its external communications strategy. New spokespeople feel supported in internalising and delivering the narrative and experienced leaders use Bladonmore to sharpen their delivery ahead of crucial moments. The long term relationship has created the trust necessary for coaches to be used at any time.

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