Loud Halo

Loud Halo is Bladonmore’s soul.

We help charities get their voices heard.

Loud Halo

Loud Halo was set up in 2013 to do what we do for free, for charitable and not-for-profit organisations we wish to support. We apply our expertise to help these types of organisations — which are often competing in a crowded market for share of voice and funds — to be heard. That is why we called it Loud Halo.

Monday Night Pitch Club

To date, the most popular initiative has been our Monday Night Pitch Club. Here we bring people from charities together with communication experts in our Central London studio for free, intensive, pitch training.

Organisations we support

To date, the organisations we support have fallen into three categories:

  • Charities, NGOs and organisations we select, or those who ask us for a helping hand, such as Teenage Cancer Trust.
  • Charities selected by our clients. These groups, such as Greenhouse (Goldman Sachs), often use our presentation coaching to support their own communication or fundraising needs.
  • Educational and research organisations striving to promote fresh initiatives or new breakthrough technology, such as London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine

To find out how we can support you, contact richard.rivlin@bladonmore.com